College Life 101: Craziest Thing That’s Happened to you in College?

Warning: The following samples may be mature for some audiences…

Cody Haig, College Student, 18
I blacked out on my 3rd night of college and i remember nothing

Michel Ghorayeb, Premed, 18
Riding the bus for 5 cycles with friends because there was no open buses but we made friends and spent the whole time talking on the bus

David James Bogue, Early Childhood Elementary Education, 18
Broke up with my crazy ex gf, not because I was getting with other girls but because she kept accusing me of getting with other girls and didn’t trust me in the slightest! (little does she know I was getting with guys the whole time). Moral of the Story. Dicks are better than chicks!

Isabel Obrycki, Biochem major, 18
The first week of college I got so drunk I vomited in a taxi and then got banned from that taxi company. Then continued to vomit all over the quad

Alison, Student, 18
My suitemate accused my other suitemate of assault on the Sunday before Labor Day. They were roommates but that ended fast. The suitemate who accused her roommate of assault hated me so much and thought I was aggressive towards her. That’s an honor coming from her. We were out with public safety til 1 am and she accused the public safety officer of assault. She is living in a single because she is psychotic.

Jason Orzell, Teacher (earth science and probably music), 19
Probably hopping off a bus to go save my roommate without question

Maya, Early Childhood/Childhood Education Major, 18
The craziest thing that’s happened to me in college was meeting the best friends ever. I knew one friend… then his roommate… then his other friend… then their friend… until I met a huge group of amazing people. This group is so welcoming to anyone who needs a friend. They will do anything for you- they will let you stay in their room, they will meet you anywhere in town to make sure you get home safe, they will make you food, they will let you borrow their clothes, and they will stand up for you no matter what.

Erin Smith, Asci Major, 18
I heard a knock on my door, so I went to open it not knowing who it could be. This random kid with a blown-up condom in his hand hits me over the head with it and runs away while everyone (including me) was laughing. I was very confused, but it was funny.

Logan Rogers, Student, 18
throwing up 4 times at orientation

Anonymous, Communications Major, 18
I (while sober) drove a U-Haul with drunken college kids to a pitbull concert. No details necessary.

Grace DiCaprio, Student, 18

Finding the best group of friends ever has been so crazy to me and I still can’t process it!! Having this many people who can all get along with each other and create memories is such a blessing!! I love being able to go to a dance with my bffs and then come back and hang out with everyone else!! Feeling #blessed

Meg, Social Work, 18

Found out that half of my friend group might transfer to Cornell.

Going on a hike that was suppose to last not too long, and then getting lost multiple times and also meeting some of my best friends ever. The hike was also the best experience I have ever had and have never laughed so much.

McKenzie Heins, Early Childhood Ed. 18

There’s been a few crazy things to happen in college, like crack-heads on the bus, ridiculous frat parties, and an insane “halloweekend”; but my favorite most crazy thing was our friend group’s spontaneous hiking trip. Some lame-O dude ditched me 5 minutes before our date, but that in turn led to the best day ever. I asked one person to take pictures outside for the beginning of fall, then more people joined… We walked to the other local campus and kept walking uphill to find the best view and we sure did. The colors were bright, the people were happy, and new friendships were formed. This “photo shoot” turned into a spontaneous hike and the beginning of, what we like to call, our Tobey Hall family. After our hike, we went back to my roommate and I’s dorm room and we ate lasagna, listened to music, and did exactly what everyone would wish for- we formed a friend group that felt like family. So I guess you could say, the craziest thing that happened to me in college was finding a group of people that coincidentally lived on the same floor as me that I could relate to on another level. I love these friends and I’m so happy my date was ruined by the best day ever.

-Samantha Murray, future teacher/blogger, 18