“If you had to describe your favorite color to someone who can’t see, how would you do it?” 1/31/21

My favorite color is like the smell of wet grass when you were younger and you had to go to a soccer game and you were like five and you played goalie so all you did was look for four-leaf clovers and paint in the wet dew.

~Emily Boyle, 16, I peaked when I was five so professional goalie/four-leaf clover hunter

If you’ve ever smelled a lilac bush or lavender, that’s what my favorite color feels like. Everyone experiences color in a different way. When I see color, I feel something. For example, red makes me stressed out, and blue makes me calm. Just because you can’t see the color doesn’t mean you can’t experience the feeling you would get from seeing it. Everyone gets stressed, right? That’s red. My favorite feeling is being calm and happy… Those feelings describe my favorite color… Lavender. Even if you can’t see the color, you can still choose a favorite based on what that color relates to in feelings and emotions. 

~Me, 16, color enthusiast

When you feel something so immensely soft or something that reminds you of your happiest memory, and you get that little jolt of melatonin and it feels like a spark. That is my favorite color. 

~Zachary Sudol, 17, The sheriff round these parts!! (Fastest gunslinger in the west BABYYYY!!)

I would describe the color yellow as a color of happiness, like the feeling of warmth you get when the sun hits your face in the spring, or the last day of school before summer break.

~Katie, 16, (future) voice actor

Pink: The taste of cotton candy in your mouth. The smell of flowers on a wet, Dewy morning. The color the popular girls wear in a high school movie. The scent of soaps and bodywashes. Valentines Day. Happiness and Love!

Victoria D, 17, professional eater

Have you ever heard someone say what color a plum is? If not, what about a pomegranate?

~Alison, 16, professional clutz

My favorite color is green. Green is the smell of dewy grass on a warm morning and the sound of leaves rustling in the summer breeze. It’s the feeling of grass grazing your fingertips and leaves on top of your palms. It’s the smell after it thunderstorms during the summer when the color is amplified due to the rain. Green is beautiful not just in color, but in the feelings that surround it. 

~Erin Smith, 16, bisexual

My favorite color is heat. The color makes you feel warm inside and it correlates well with the season of fall. The color is the flavor of pumpkin pie and the smell of spice candles. 

~Kathleen McEvoy, 16, 🙂

To describe yellow I’d say it is a feeling you get when you are overwhelmed with joy and everything is going perfectly. That warm, energetic, and exciting feeling that you get after a great day is the color yellow. 

~Rebecca, 16, student