Making Macarons

I have never made macarons before and I’ve always wanted to! My friend Sydney and I decided to get all fancy with our baking skills and gave it a shot.

We found this fun and “easy” recipe online and set up the kitchen for a fun day of baking. (The recipe is linked below)

Put on your aprons and get to work!

At first our macaron “peaks” were a bit watery but decided to keep going anyway.

Our biggest tip is to BE PATIENT AND ACTUALLY FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Sometimes when you’re in the kitchen it’s so much easier to rush and not wait for your baked goods to cool down. With macarons though, the best thing you can do is let them sit and cool.

We were surprised by how amazing these came out! Check out the picture below and see what kind of goodies YOU can make with your friends and family. They’re absolutely delicious and was a really fun Saturday afternoon project.