“What is one thing you do to stay calm and focused?” 3/4/21

One thing I do to stay calm and focused is take a breath

~Alison, 17, currently sitting in chem class 

I write everything down in my planner and then once I’m done, I cross it off. It’s so incredibly addicting and it makes me feel like I’m going somewhere in life. I can actually focus on getting my work done because when I’m finished, I get to cross it off my list. Also, my rainbow highlights keep me going.

~Kathleen Mcevoy, 16, professional person

I listen to music for a couple of minutes, take a couple of breaths then get back at it. 

~Rebecca, 17, Student 

I constantly am listening to music to stay calm and focused, and it works probably 75% of the time. Sometimes I choose songs I like too much when trying to get work done and I’ll end up jamming out instead of being productive.

~Emma, 17, Full-time Procrastinator

If you think I’m ever calm then you haven’t met me. I focus by panicking so it’s impossible for me to calm down. I’m a ball of anxiety and fear.

~Dina, 17, A dinosaur 

whenever I need to stay calm and focused, I read a book because it distracts me from whatever is going on.

~Megan Gillespie, 16, this is my 3rd time filling this out because I keep closing the window by accident 

Get things done and listen to music 

~Gabriella, 15, Music therapist 

Listening to classical music or calm french music always helps me focus, especially while working. It is very soothing and kind of makes you romanticize what you are doing to help you focus more. 

~Gianna, 16, student 

“Hey chin up, you won’t see the challenges if your heads hanging low”

~Michael Bracken, 17, Real

I eat, exercise, watch tv… you know avoid school at all costs because that stresses me out. 

~V, 17, Professional Procrastinator 

Taking notes, meditation, shopping 

~Jayden Rodriguez, 15, Director Of Guidance Counseling 

I pick up my guitar and play.

~John, younger than I look, Audio Producer

Breathe, but my favorite is to sit in a warm bath in the dark with a candle burning.

~Mom, 54, President of Waste Management 


~Kathy, 48, Doggie Punching Bag

Prayers and meditation 

~Michael Rosario DeMarco, 60 something, Karaoke Singing Star from NY to FL ( Retired from the 9 to 5) 

Lots of Sleep and frequent naps! 

~CASPAR THACKER FUSS, 57 as of tomorrow, Professional Eater! 

By reading all of these posts, I noticed one thing in common; we need to breathe. Even if that means just stepping away from something for a moment to regain focus. This past year and a half has been quite the ride. A lot of times during moments like these, we tend to focus on the bad, but I’ve learned to focus on the good. When I’m stressed or feeling anxious I’ve learned to allow myself to feel those emotions and maybe even allow myself to let out a good cry. Instead of just feeling sad and crying into a pillow (which is great), I turn my emotions into art, whether that’s music, a painting, exercising, writing, or reading. You can’t suppress what you’re feeling inside. We ALL get unfocused; just remember to breathe and jump right back into it. Allow yourself some downtime. I’m sixteen and there is so much going on, I’ll list a few things: A newfound responsibility of driving, SAT preparation, college searches, homework, dance, school show practices, zoom meetings… I could go on and on, but that’s not the point. Each week I plan out what I need to do and those needs now include time for myself. Time for ME to sit down and read a book or watch an episode of Dawson’s Creek. In the past, my needs only included what I had to do for other people. This pandemic has been awful, but some good has come from it too. Just remember to breathe because our time is limited and make good choices because each decision you make leads you on a path for the future. Don’t stress, take a breath, and make time for yourself.

~Me, 16, lover of lo-fi pop on YouTube