“What would you do if it was your last day living in New York?” 1/16/21

I would go buy some authentically New York Pizza and go to the Museum of Natural History. After that I would grab some New York bagels (…because god can KILL me now, if I’m leaving there without bagels!) and go and see the Statue of Liberty. Then end the night with the best Broadway show money can buy (whatever that may be at the time).

~Zachary Sudol, 17, I’m a professional 

If I had one night left in nyc I would go clubbing for a little bit and then once it hits 12, I would go to an area next to a bridge and look at how pretty the city is at night…

~Megan Gillespie, 16, Dylan hate club co-president 

See this is hard because I think for me it would depend on why I was leaving. If nothing else about my life was changing, I would probably wanna go to the city and go shopping since it’s so cool that it’s so close to where we live. If I was leaving all my friends who live here behind, I would probably just spend the night spending time with them because I would miss them so much once I was gone.

~Emma Lanks, 17, 6th grade spelling bee loser

i would hang out with all my friends and drive around. i’d go out to eat at a place i haven’t been to before. i’d have emma or emily drive me around to places i haven’t been to before and i’d just have as much fun as possible with all the people i love.

~Erin Smith, 16, Spencer Reid’s wife

If it was my last night living in New York, I would get together with all my friends for some part of the day and tell them how much I’m going to miss them. We would probably go out to breakfast at my restaurant of choice. I would than visit all of my favorite places in my town and county. After I would get playa bowls for lunch and then my family and I would take my dogs on their and our favorite hike. After I would go to the city and go out to dinner at Tony’s Di Napoli because I’ve never been there and want to go. We would then probably drive around the city and put parents would probably point out we’ll known locations and than we would end the night going home and watching a movie- hopefully Die Hard.
But anyways since this question is only asking what I would do on my last night living in NY, you better bet I’m coming back often for day trips!

~Victoria Daly, 17, Professional TV Watcher

If it was my last night living in the state of New York, I would go to the New York State fair in Syracuse.

~Alison Blutig, 16, Future Teacher 

I would go to the city (Manhattan) with some friends and just do whatever I wanted. I’d try to avoid Times Square and really just run around the city. Oh also I’d love to be continuously eating while in the city.

~James Ryan, 17, retail employee/student

I would just wanna hang with all my friends in the city and visit all the cool places there… go clubbing and just live like there is no tomorrow.

~Rebecca Wayne, 16, cool kid

Just walk around the city and then see a show.

~Nate Klayman, 16, professional neurosurgeon

I would want to rent an old (but reliable) car and drive upstate with all of my friends and just blast great songs and sing! I feel like this is always a scene in a movie and it would be so fun to drive and get ice cream or something!

~Katie Mcevoy, 16, student

If it was my last night living in New York I would spend the day shopping and (if it was winter) I would go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Then at night I would go out to eat somewhere really nice and see a broadway show.

Katie Garbett, 16, professional taste-tester

I’ve lived in New York all my life so this is a tough one… even though I haven’t, I feel like I’ve done it all. Well if it WAS my last night in NY, I would go down to the city and see a Broadway show. Then, I would probably stock up on Zimis bagels,(there’s no bagel shop in the world that’s better) hot pretzels, and pizza. Since it’s not ALL about the food, I would probably then go shopping in the city followed by stargazing by the Hudson. Oh I forgot, I’ve always wanted to go to a jazz club, like the famous Birdland, so that would be the last thing I do in NY. So I guess I really haven’t done it all?

~Me, 16, pro blogger