What would you tell 10 year old you? How about 80 year old you? 4/1/21

To 10 year old me: Keep being you. Don’t be afraid to laugh too loud or dress how you want. Don’t feel like you need to change anything about yourself to impress others. The right people are gonna like you for you. There will be some hard times ahead, but everything will work out in the end. You’re gonna be okay. Also, stop drinking so much Hawaiian Punch, it’s not that good.
To 80 year old me: What’s your biggest regret? How do you feel you could’ve lived a better life? If you could relive your whole life, what would you do differently? Do you feel like you chose a career that made you happy? Are you still friends with anyone that I know now?

Emma Lanks, 17, An exhausted student

I would tell 10 year old me to be nicer to my sister, and to stop wearing butterfly infinity scarves that match my butterfly themed outfit. If I could talk to 80 year old me, I would probably ask what college I went to and what career I had so I wouldn’t have to worry about making the decision myself.

Katie G, 17, Sleeper

10 year old me: we’re both not ok right now but it’s ok. You did nothing wrong. You don’t have to do everything you’re told to do even if saying no is scary. You’re not the cause of people’s suffering. You can be yourself and not have to put a wall of faces for people to notice you. Sure the world is upside down and yes it will never get better for us but that’s alright you know.
80 year old me: ha. Look it’s my grave

Dina, 17, This question was uncalled for!

I would tell her to hug her parents more and to appreciate the little things because ten years old me was going through a lot and she was as too afraid to ask her parents for help and thought she was too cool to tell them she loved them. It’s so crazy to think how much I have changed.

Anonymous, 84, 🙂

I would tell 10 year old me to keep living life o the fullest. I would tell 80 year old me that now, these are the good memories.

Alison, 17, Vacationer

I would tell 10 year old me to enjoy life and not want to grow up. Life goes by so fast so enjoy every moment and appreciate all the things you enjoy when your 10 years old because when you’re older you won’t find them as fun anymore(and it’s sad) also not to stress at 10 years old because you shouldn’t have stress at 10 years old. For 80 year old me I would tell her to just be happy and kind and keep living life ti the fullest and eat the extra piece of cake since your 80 lol!

V, 17

10: Don’t worry too much about school because there’s nothing they can teach you that you will use in life. Just put up with it as well as enjoying being a kid. Let everything go, just chill out and try your best. Also learn how to study because we struggling in chemistry.
80: So who did we marry? How’s life? Any cool cars and stuff. How many grandchildren do we have? What’s my last name now? Did we marry the partner of our dreams? I hope we did because my expectations are high for our future.

Julia, 16, studying to become a hairstylist

If I were able to go back in time and talk to 10 year old me, I would have so much to say. First, don’t want to grow up. Being your age is cool! Don’t feel like you need to stop playing just because the other kids did; stay innocent. Don’t try and change even if a teacher or friend tells you to. Samantha, you’re a really awesome kid, and looking back on it now, you were so well-liked! Also, don’t do things just to please other people. Make time for yourself… To 80 year old me, geez… I can’t even imagine being 80. You went through a lot and were so cool about it. Good job, you!! Where did you get to travel? Teach? I hope you made all of the right decisions to put you on the right path to happiness.