“What’s your Favorite Romance Movie?” 2/14/21

The spectacular now is my favorite movie because I love the plot of the movie and I like Sutter!

Alison, 17, Professional Netflix watcher

i used to love call me by your name but because of armie hammer that’s kinda been ruined. i really don’t like movies but i did just watch a really cute romance movie called doukyuusei. the best part that it was only an hour lol and the art style was beautiful

Emily Boyle, 16, movie hater

I’m a sucker for rom-coms not gonna lie. I don’t really have a favorite, but I really like Life As We Know It because it’s an enemies-to-lovers 👀 i’m a sucker for that too lol. It’s also just really heartwarming.

Erin Smith, 16, raging rom com fan

this was a very hard choice bc i had to choose not to pick twilight (bc edwards is lowkey a stalker) but i decided on the last song bc it’s such a good movie

Megan Gillespie, 16, free spotify

I personally love a good romcom, so I would have to go with “you’ve got mail” with Tom Hanks. It has the greatest plotline and keeps you on your toes the entire movie. It’s an adorable film with the perfect ending that makes you so excited. This movie is absolutely realistic which makes it more fun to watch because it’s relatable.

Me, 16, lover of all Tom Hanks movies