“What’s your favorite thing about life?” 2/24/21

My favorite thing about life is that there are always opportunities in life that u can take and always great people that can bring u up when u are down. and also pretty things. 

~Abigail McCauley, 15, professional flower 

My favorite thing in life is the small victories you take day by day. An example of this would be going out on a fishing trip and catching a really nice fish that happens to be the catch of the day. There’s nothing like the pride in your face when your picture is being taken while holding your prized catch.

~Dylan, 17, Instagram Influencer

I like how you could go from having a crazy day to watching Gibby take off his shirt on iCarly within an hour. The contrast is important I think people forget how good life can be (Gibby lol)

~Nate, 16, Sumo Wrestler Trainee

My favorite part about life is seeing the people I love be happy. The joy of seeing someone else’s joy is unmatched.

~Rebecca Wayne, 17, Student 

What’s my favorite thing about life? I can’t just choose one because there’s just way too much I love about life. I love my family and my friends which are two of my favorite things in life. Recently, I’ve discovered meeting new people is really cool. Learning about someone else’s life and what they do for fun has started to interest me a lot. To me, I feel also the four seasons are like four different lives. I love the summer life and what comes out of it and what happens during it. Going on vacations with family and some friends excites me a lot too which is like a different life too. Watching Netflix or Hulu teaches me a lot about what life has to offer. An example of that is the show One Tree Hill. OTH in all of episodes show that family and friends are key in life. New Girl shows that the right person but the wrong time is really a thing. In conclusion, life has way too many good things to offer which makes me not be able to choose one thing I love about life.

~Alison, 17, Certified in FaceTiming at 12 am

I wouldn’t even know where to begin, it depends on the stage of life we are talking about. My answer today as an adult and mom is completely different from my 16 yr old self who probably would’ve answered Michael Jackson and my boyfriend! Today I can say warm sand in my toes and seeing life through my daughter’s eyes, seeing what makes her happy and the feeling that she has turned out to be a wonderful person makes my heart as full and happy as the brightest sun in the sky.

~Christine (Mom), 54, Semi-Professional dishwasher and dog walker 

My favorite thing about life is the unexpected. Yeah, some days are boring and not fun, but that’s the beauty of life. Every day something new happens, like you meet new people, do new things, or just do things that you already know you love. I don’t know what will happen in 10 years, but I can look forward to it being different and new. 

~Megan, 16, licensed driver

My children

~Kathy, 48, Super Mom

When I have peace and quiet… Relaxing at the beach in my solitude. 

~Michael DeMarco, 110 lol, Retired from Barnum Bailey Circus  

My favorite thing about life is how it isn’t set up like a video game. This is because in a video game, like Mario cart, if you fall off a cliff or bump into another car you lose coins. In life that doesn’t happen. In life, if you mess up you just learn from your mistakes. Yea sometimes you do lose a coin or too but the game doesn’t just end. It all up to you and the nature of life. So I would say that’s my favorite part of life oh yea and family (duh). 

P.S. if you couldn’t tell I have been playing Mario cart lately. Lol

~Hannah, 16, Foodie

Eating Michael’s Cooking 

~Caspar Fuss ( yes that is really my name), Timeless 56 in early March, Retired security officer NYPD Central Park, seriously

My favorite thing about life are my friends and family! 

~Jayden Rodriguez, 15, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist & General Counselor 

when I wake up every morning to see my worm a  string ceiling, it brings a tear to my eye 

~Julia, 16

Cats. Cats are a wonderful thing in life. I love cats. They’re the cutest and most cuddly thing in the world. Most people don’t like cats, but cats are very special. Without cats, I would be even sadder because cats make me happy.

~Dina, 17, Cat lady but only has one cat

Most living things

~Dolores Meade (As I like to call her → Aunt Dee Dee), 70 +, Registered Nurse

My favorite thing about life is my friends and family. When covid happened, I didn’t realize how much i depended on the people around me. I took going out with my friends for granted when I wasn’t able to see them for about 3 months. I’m beyond grateful for everyone in my life. My family loves and supports me unconditionally. My friends are amazing and I couldn’t ask for anyone else. I can’t wait for life to go “back to normal” so I can spend more time with them.

~Anonymous, 17, dog enthusiast  

I love people so much. Life would be so boring without everyone. I love my family and friends and life would suck without them. I also love distant acquaintances and random nice strangers and the interactions that come with them. I also love humor and I think life would also be really boring without it.

~Emily Boyle, 16, ironically a socially anxious introvert

sitting next to someone you love and not having to talk. just sitting there and taking in each other’s energy. also pasta.

~Ella, 16, sterling silver folding chair

sunlight. it sounds so stupid but i am such a morning/day person that i don’t know how i could function if i didn’t have my curtains open every day. sunlight is proven to improve so many aspects of people’s lives and i have found that to be so true:) another reason i think i am such a fan of sunlight is because i was always afraid of the dark as a kid so that may have carried over to my teenage life. with the recent circumstances of being on electronics more than i would like, i find that exposure to daily sunlight helps reduce my eyes twitching and common headaches. this is the most random response but i hope it makes sense:)

~Katie McEvoy, 16, Sunlight

My favorite thing about life is being able to care about others. Nothing makes me happier than showing someone I love them by being there when they need help, listening to them talk about the things they’re passionate about, or buying them little things they love out of the blue. I think it’s so special that humans are able to bond with others so easily. We bond with things so much that we get attached to animals and even inanimate objects. I think that’s so adorable.

~Emma, 17, a person who never remembers to respond before the blog is posted (oops)

My favorite part about life is making other people happy because that makes me happy. Reading all of these responses showed me that life isn’t about a job or the money you make. It’s about the small things like a smile or a hug. During this pandemic, I’ve noticed that even more. In the past, I took for granted these simple things. Now if I receive a smile from a stranger, my day is made and for the rest of my life, I’ll remember that. There isn’t one specific thing I can name, but it’s a combination of everything. Life isn’t always easy, I think we all know that now.  I miss that feeling of togetherness you would get at a concert or a show or even a high school football game. But, just because we can’t all be together, doesn’t mean that feeling has to go away. We’re all together in a different way, we’re experiencing the same problems and things to appreciate at the same time. I love that in life, there is something new you can experience every day. It might just be driving down a new road, or sitting in a different spot of your classroom. These small experiences lead me to believe that there is something out there calling my name. My future is tomorrow, and the next day, and the next… I can’t wait to see what’s out there. Live every day like it’s your last because you never know when it’s going to end. 

~Me (Samantha), 16, future world traveler