“Which fictional character do you relate to the most?” 2/7/21

This is kind of embarrassing, but I think I have to throw it back to my 7th grade Flash watching days and say I relate to Barry Allen the most. He always puts others before himself, to the point that it actually became damaging. He wanted to help everyone and would take other’s problems on as if they were his own. This started to really affect him emotionally and he would beat himself up when he couldn’t help someone. Watching someone on TV go through this allowed me to realize how often I used to do this myself. It helped me to catch myself before letting someone else’s problems take over my life and helped me start helping myself with my own problems instead of downplaying them. This is definitely still something that I’m working on though because oftentimes it is easier to push your problems down and pretend they don’t exist than admit that you’re struggling.

~Emma L, 17, ex-flash watcher 

Garfield. I love lasagna and hate Mondays. He perfectly sums me up.

~Dylan, 17, harmonica enthusiasts 

Dazai Osamu because he’s dramatic and lazy (and other things that I shouldn’t mention)

~Dina Sehnawi, 17,  clown 

The character I would relate to the most is Nick Miller from New Girl. Nick is the kind who likes to have a good time with his loft mates and is up to do anything. Like Nick, I like to have a good time with friends. Also, he is a very kind person and always tries to make people laugh. I try to make people laugh and I consider myself a kind person.

~Alison, 16 (almost 17), Professional algebra 2 student

The Wizard of OZ; 

He’s always working behind the scenes to create magic;

Lights, smoke, mirrors, sound, magic, music and lots of my favorite color; GREEN. 

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

~John, 58, Audio Producer 

Anyone from The Greatest Showman. I don’t know where I fit in.

~Kathy, 48, manager 

Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because I’m always nervous lol.

~Katie, 16, shepherd 

I relate to Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby a lot I think. He’s very idealistic and oftentimes his expectations don’t meet with reality. He’s also in a constant pursuit of social acceptance which is very relatable for teens and people like me during this time in our lives.

~Teige Beaudry, 17, student 

I relate to Nick Wilde. He’s really funny and cool and hot but also has a sensitive side so he is basically perfect, just like me!

~Emily Boyle,16, Furry 

I relate to Peggy Carter (founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Marvel cinematic universe) because we both think Steve Rogers is one of the sexiest men alive. We also look similar and both use logic over emotions to solve problems.

~Katie McEvoy Rogers, 16, Steve Rogers’ number one fan 

I relate to Mary Margret from Once Upon A Time because she is sweet and caring to others and helps out those around her to help them solve their problems. We’re also both great with kids. But also has a strong side and adventurous side when with others. Also she is married to Prince Charming and I want to Marry someone who makes me feel like a princess!

~Victoria, 17, Professional Team Stefan Blogger

Caroline Forbes… When I started the vampire diaries ( in 5th grade) I found Caroline very annoying, but I realized that that’s because she’s me. Throughout the show Caroline has huge character development and looking back at myself years ago I realize how much of a different person I am, I was annoying.

~Megan, 16, Twilight fan (Taylor Lautner is hot)

Mark Twain because I do my best work anonymously

~Michelle, 65, Nonprofit housing manager

PT Barnum… Because of his creative nature and love for entertaining and making people happy. Plus he was a leader not a follower. A little mysterious and zest for life and love.

~Michael DeMarco, 61, Retired former Cake Decorator, Bakery, Deli and Manager at A & P Supermarket

Casper ..the friendly Ghost … hmm

I am friendly to most but only reveal myself to you, when I feel comfortable around you.

~CASPAR Fuss, 57, Retired NYPD also former business owner of our family business! Sold Flowers, plants and Tree Design

Just like Snow White, I adore animals. I also love how she treats her friends, she is kind and accepting of everyone like I try to be.

~Christine (mom), 54, dog lover 

I would like to say that I’m a combination of Rory Gilmore (Gilmore girls) and Jess Day (New Girl). Rory and Jess both love to read, are very quirky and have fun personalities. Both take initiative and are not followers. Jess is a singer and teacher and those are both things that I would like to do with my life. Jess also embarrasses herself in public on the daily and I DEFINITELY do that. Rory is very witty and we have similar mannerisms. Rory and I also basically have the same clothes as well. Every time I watch the show I say to myself, “I have that shirt!” Rory also has a very close connection with her mom and I can definitely say that I do too. These characters both have the downfall of letting other people step on them because they are too kind. This character trait gave me the initiative to not let people do that to me. When you see a character like you on screen, you tend to relate to them and start to learn from their mistakes. You take what you like from their personalities and add it to yours.

~Me, 16, Luke’s coffee fan forever