Which Sunscreen Should You Be Buying This Summer?

Did you know that certain sunscreen brands contain oxybenzone?

This is a chemical that harms the coral reefs.
– It damages DNA which hurts their development

You may think that you aren’t going to make a difference by changing your brand of sunscreen. You actually WILL.

Even the smallest drop of oxybenzone will lead to coral reef damage.
As soon as it gets into our water system (by showering, swimming, etc…) it WILL contribute to this problem.

Look at the sunscreen you have in your home to see what it consists of. If it says oxybenzone, it’s recommended to NOT use it.

Instead switch to more eco friendly bands such as these! (See in pictures below)

Our coral reefs are necessary for Earth’s oxygen supply…

Stay safe, wear your sunscreen, be mindful of our oceans, and happy almost summer!